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Kerb stones Material on top of the wall Accessories, construction  Stairs, walls,ground coverings, pillars  
Paving stones Pillars Description of material
Blocks / steps Stone paving slabs Quality system Facades, sculptures, monuments
Wall, facings Seats for yards
To make something eternal. 
To make ideas come true and to create environments for people is a satitisfaction. To produce something that will stand eternal, and to be more beautiful for every year, gives an even greater plesure. 
A natural choice. 
The rock is a part  of our natural environment. Granite is something easy to recognice. Man is impressed, and at the same time he feels safe, in front of a granite monument. He knows that it will change with the nature, but it will always beautiful and a natural choice.
Our experience gives you a good economical situation. 
With more than 60 years of experiance in the stone production and business, we are able to give our customers a lot of good edvises.  

We know what will stand eternal...

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