BLOCK STEPS Product sheet no. 30:  Rough boast steps 
Product sheet no. 31:  Bush hammered steps 
What to know about block steps
Product sheet no. 31 

Suitable material. 

Bjarlov, Vanga, Alberga and black cyenite. 
Other types of granite are available.

Bush hammered steps. Suitable for all kind of outdoor stairs. 
Surface: Topside, bush hammered or flamed.  
Frontside:  Rough with straight edges. Can also be delivered with bush hammered or flamed front. 
Bottomside: Sawed or rough. 
Backside:  Sawed or rough. 
Shortside: Three alternatives. Half diagonal visible, totaly visible, or joint ends. Standard are joint ends. Joints between steps on same lewel are normaly made 8 mm.  
Other aspects: Bottom steps are made ca 20 mm thicker than other steps. Upper steps have straight edge on the backside. 
Price: On demand. 
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