STONE WALLS Product sheet no. 40: Block wall   
Product sheet no. 41: Wall of granite, "Rubbel wall"  
Product sheet no. 42: Wall of granite, "Ashlar masonry"  
Product sheet no. 43: Wall of granite, "Thick-stone"   
Product sheet no. 44: Granite for facing 
Product sheet no. 45: Wall of granite, "L-stay" 
Product sheet no. 46: Wall of granite, "Dry rubbel"
Product sheet no. 46 

Suitable material. 
Other types of granite are available.  
Variations i colour may occur.

Wall of granite, "Dry rubbel". 
Measures: The granite is delivered as rough blocks and cut down to                   appropriate dimensions on place for the wall. Only few blocks off less than 0,2 sqm are allowed. Thickness 20-40 cm. Drillmarks may occur. 
Mounting:  Please don´t hesitate to contact us and we vill give you more informations. 
Price. On demand.  
Other aspects: When mounting there is a loss depending on the sizes of joints and tolerances etc.
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