Quality work
  That granite has a varying quality is a  well known fact since long time. Experienced workers have brought this knowledge from old time. The producer of many of our products, SKÅNSKA GRANIT AB, brings this tradition further. By engineering and equipment they produce products made by granite, used as building stone and as monuments. To get the right quality the production is controlled by rules for sorting and a quality system.
 Description of quality 
SKÅNSKA GRANIT AB has been working out a system for sorting granite. The system controls the purchasing of block stone, the production and end control. Sorting is done according to the colour and common quality of the material. The material is classified according to colour samples for each type of granite.  

The system describes the range of defects that is allowed to occur according to range of application. The material is divided into two main qualities, namely quality for gravestone and building stone. The natural defects that are allowed are reproduced in a product sheet.  

Quality system
SKÅNSKA GRANIT AB:s quality system is set up to correspond to the requirements from our customers. The quality system corresponds to requirements in SSEN ISO 9002, written in a manual used in the company. The quality system is a tool to control the quality in products and services of the company. In quality are included all, from the methods and routines to organisation and responsibility. The management of the company is responsible to the function of the quality system and that the quality system all the time is improved, all to fulfil the demands of the customers.
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