Quality work  
Historically buildings tell us that the used stone materials have various qualities. Knowledge about the limitation of the material, was very early discovered by stonemasons. But the lack of machinery and resources made it impossible to get enough raw materials to produce right quality for right purpose.  
Due to these fact restorations regularly has been made on buildings where wrong, for the purpose, quality is replaced by right quality.  
With historical understanding and knowledge of today, plus high technical equipment, ÖLANDSSTEN AB are developing the tradition of quarrying and producing Ölandstone.  
The products are mainly for facing material, both inside and outside buildings.  
To produce right quality the production follows a quality system for sorting the materia.  
Description of quality  

ÖLANDSTEN AB has developed a system for sorting limestone from the quarries Horns udde and Gillberga. With reference to layer in the quarry, one gets information about the stone materials colour and general quality. The material is sorted in nine different colours. There is also made a sorting according to the range of defects that are natural in the material, for example cracks.  
The sorting rules describes what type of defects that are allowed according to the use of the product.  
The denomination of different colours are:  

                      - Grey G1 
                      - Mixed patterned F 
                      - Grey G2 
                      - Grey G2H 
                      - Grey G2S 
                      - Grey G2L 
                      - Grey Hors 
                      - Red B1 
                      - Red B2
Each denomination and defects that are included in the sorting rules are described in product sheets. Here are also described the technical data for the material.  
This description of quality makes it possible for ÖLANDSSTEN AB to deliver an even and predestined quality that corresponds with the demands from customers, both in short and long times aspect. 
Quality system   
ÖLANDSSTEN AB:s quality system is set up to correspond to the requirements from our customers. The quality system corresponds to requirements in SSEN ISO 9002, written in a manual used in the company. The quality system is a tool to control the quality in products and services of the company. In quality are included all from methods and routines to organisation and responsibility. The management of the company is responsible for the function of the quality system and that the quality system all the time is improved, all to fulfil the demands of the customers. 
This part is for the moment described only in Swedish language.
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