Below we present a selection of our products installed in different project and places.
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The references are presented only in Swedish
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Type of product Type of Ölandstone. Place
Offices & Shops
Ölandstone Mixed patterned F, honed Telemedia, Kalmar
Ölandstone Grey G2, honed 
Ölandstone Red B1, honed
Kv. Blekholmstorget
Ölandstone Red B1, honed and planed 
Ölandstone Grey G1, honed and planed 
Ölandstone Mixed patterned F, honed and planed
Astra Danmark A/S, Copenhagen
Ölandstone Grey G2, planed 
Ölandstone Red B1, planed
Medical Center, Astra Hässle
Ölandstone Grey G1, honed Office, Seinäjoki
Ölandstone Grey G1, honed 
Ölandstone Red B1, honed 
Trinitatis Kirke, Copenhagen
Ölandstone Grey G1, planed 
Ölandstone Red B1, planed
Mariakyrkan, Växjö
Ölandstone Red B1, honed 
Ölandstone Mixed patterned F, Gillberga
Vejleå kyrka, Danmark
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