Below we present a selection of our products installed in different project and places.
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The references are presented only in Swedish
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Type of product Type of granite Place
1. Steps - walls - ground paving  
Steps  Champagne Globen, Stockholm
Steps  Champagne Triangeln, Malmoe
Steps  Champagne Nacka Strand,Stockholm
Stone paving slabs  Light grey Jamers Plads, Copenhagen
Walls and steps  Vanga and Champagne  Nytorget Hässleholm 
Walls and steps  Champagne Kungsträdgården, Stockholm
Walls and steps  Vanga Torget, Skellefteå
Walls Champagne Slupskjulsplan, Skeppsholmen Stockholm
Walls, steps and kerb stones Champagne Villa "Örgryte", Göteborg
2. Pillars - seats    
Pillars  Champagne Strandvägen, Stockholm
Pillars and seats  Champagne and Vanga Holmenområdet, Norrköping
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