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Below we present a selection of our products installed in different project and places.
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The references are presented only in Swedish
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Type of product Type of granite Place
3. Facades - front door mould    
Paving for facade Champagne Wermlandsbanken, Karlstad
4. Sculptures - monuments   - adornments    
The Well by Liss Eriksson  Sculpture in Vanga 
Bottom of basin in Champagne
Nobelstiftelsen, Karolinska Institutet, 
Erect Stone by Karin Tyrefors Base in Champagne  Hagaparken, Stockholm 
Ball by Bengt Persson  Ball i Swedish Black 
Base in Vanga
Memorial place, Hjårsås church
Water dam Alberga Kryolitgrunden, Copenhagen
Hope, a monument over Raol Wallenberg by Gustav Kraitz Svart diabas  UN-Building, New York
Forget us not, the Holocaust monument by Sievert Lindblom and Gabriel Herdevall  Champagne  Synagogan, Wahrendorffsgatan,   
Functional art by Bård Breivik  Champagne Torgalmenningen, Bergen Norway. 
5. Miscelleneaous    
Baptismal font  Tranas S:t Paulus av korset kyrka, Angered
Basin  Champagne S:t Eriks Torn, Kungsholmen Stockholm 
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